Having A Baby In Nigeria: Things To Consider


Having a baby in Nigeria is one of the most searched topics by newly wedded couples and young people generally. A lot of factors influence these wide research people do. You can’t blame them, Childbirth is serious and as such should be treated with that intensity.

Is Having A Baby In Nigeria Safe?

This is a question in the heart of so many prospective parents due to the poor medical standard in the country. Well, the answer to this question depends on some variables. Nigeria is not so terribly the way people paint it, however, it is bad. Let’s look at a few factors you need to consider before having a baby in Nigeria.

Factors To Consider Before Having A Baby In Nigeria Or Not

There are quite a several factors to consider before deciding to have your baby in Nigeria. Below are some of the salient factors;

1. Healthcare Quality:

This tops the list because healthcare in Nigeria, for now, cannot be compared to what we have in top-tier countries. Technology is more advanced in those countries than it is in Nigeria. A lot of people feel safer travelling to those countries with more experts to have their babies. So, if you will not compromise healthcare quality, you may consider travelling to get the best healthcare.

2. Financial Capacity:

In as much as you want to enjoy quality healthcare, the determining factor is how loaded your pocket is. Visiting a top-tier country from Nigeria is no joke let alone when it is for medical reasons – childbirth. You are going to need a loaded pocket. From processing your VISA and travel papers to paying for accommodation for a couple of months and of course, the medical bills. You much be sure you are ready for this. If you’re not, you need to consider having your baby in Nigeria.

3. Health Condition:

In some rare cases, the health condition of the mother or baby may be a factor to consider. Your health specialist may advise against travelling. However, if you have the money and you don’t trust the expertise of people you have around, you can decide to bring down experts from abroad.

4. Travel Constraints:

Travel and Immigration processes can pose a serious factor when making this decision. If you are not cut out for all the immigration stress, you may consider staying back in Nigeria to have your baby. Although, it is relatively easier to medical-related VISAS, however, this is Nigeria. Something easy can suddenly turn daunting.

Guide For Having A Baby In Nigeria

If you eventually decide to have your baby in Nigeria after considering the variables above, I have a few guides for you.

Consider A Private, Military or Missionary Hospital

If I don’t share this priceless information with you, I wouldn’t be doing you any good. If you are on a tight budget, Military hospitals or any other hospital partly or fully funded/managed by the military or some cooperate companies is a good bet for you. The cost of these hospitals is usually subsidized thereby making it very affordable. It is quite easy to find experts in these hospitals and also, and they have a wealth of experience because they must have experienced different cases over time.

Missionary Hospitals, on the other hand, are good too but sometimes, depending on the capacity of the religious group facilitating it, the cost may be slightly raised but then, it is most times generally affordable.

Reputable private Hospitals are your best bet if you have the money to spend. They are usually very expensive but you most likely would get the best medical care there. It is also very important to note that not all private hospitals are excellent. So, emphasis is on the word REPUTABLE.

Plan Ahead

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. Old but Gold! You need to ensure you plan this process with your partner very critically. In life generally, things don’t always go as planned. Ensure you have at least A and B plans. Some things you may want to consider include:

  • Choosing a hospital.
  • Change in routine activities.
  • Bringing family or friends around.
  • Work schedule.
  • Shopping in bits for your not-so-little human.
  • Saving for the process.
  • Choose a baby name.

Get Yourself A Car or A Sure Means Of Mobility

In Nigeria, owning a car is not necessarily a luxury. It is a necessity! When I had my first baby, I realized this first-hand. Having to run to and from to get things for my wife and all those errands, was crazy. Going for antenatal, scans and other pregnancy-related activities was not funny. I was wondering what would have been our fate if we had no car.

If getting a decent car is way above your budget, ensure you save up some money for a more comfortable transportation system – Bolt, Uber and others. You don’t want to suffer complications as a result of these inconveniences.

Ensure You Save Up For The Process

Except you are under some form of heath Insurance or Company health coverage, you need to ensure you have money saved for your pregnancy phase, delivery and post-natal. Once you are confirmed pregnant and you are sure you want to keep the baby, there should be changes in your financial structure. While you trust that you will deliver normally, also prepare for a Caesarean Section. Usually, the price of the latter is almost or more than double the former. You don’t want to be caught unawares. You have 9 months to prepare for this.

Ensure You Have Family And/or Friends Around

This cannot be over-emphasized. The process of having a baby in Nigeria is not a very smooth one. If your spouse is always available, great! However, you still need a few bodies around to help you get things done and relieve you of so much stress. After childbirth, the healthcare workers no matter nice they are cannot take care of you the way family or close friends would.

I hope this post has given you great insight! I wish you the best in your childbirth journey. Whichever you decide, whether having a baby in Nigeria or abroad, ensure you plan. That will help you greatly to ease the process.

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