Airbnb In Nigeria: How To Start Airbnb Business In Nigeria

In this post, we are going to discuss what Airbnb is and all there is to know about the business. Whether you are a host or visitor, you will find this post very useful. Grab a glass of drink as I dish out good information about Airbnb in Nigeria and all there is to know about it.

What Is Airbnb?

Airbnb is a listing website where you can find cosy apartments for a long or short-term stay away from your home or area of residence and still not feel much that you are away from home. More like what we generally call service apartments. This service helps property owners rent out part of their property, the entire property or just a small space within their property to visitors.

These visitors could be travelling visitors, visitors on a short visit, stranded visitors, visitors on vacation or even people in the same city who just need a place to relax away from home. Whichever way, the idea is just to have a cool environment away from home.

Does Airbnb Work In Nigeria?

Yes! Airbnb works in Nigeria. Funny thing is, a lot of people don’t know this. Once they hear about Airbnb, they think it only works abroad. Just like Uber, Airbnb in Nigeria is a real deal and a lot of people are cashing out hugely from it as hosts while visitors are getting good value for their money seamlessly.

How Does Airbnb Work In Nigeria?

Just like in every other country where the service is offered, there is a standard approach to how it works. It is very important to note that Airbnb is just a website and anyone can go there to list a property. So, do well to do your due diligence to look at the property critically, and ask the host or agent salient questions to ensure you get accurate information about what you’re getting.

This is how it works. A HOST (usually the owner of the apartment) lists his property on the Airbnb website. The listing is usually followed by the details of the apartment and the services offered. He can decide to promote it on social media or leave it to be discovered organically by people who visit the website.

Visitors, on the other hand, when you find an apartment that appeals to them, you can ask the agent questions about the facility. If you are convinced, you can go ahead to book the apartment. It is just as seamless as making a hotel reservation.

How To Start Airbnb Business In Nigeria

This business is very lucrative. Airbnb has come to stay in Nigeria. Although some people run these service apartments under different platforms or even direct contact, it is safer and more trusted to use apartments listed on Airbnb. I am going to share how to start an Airbnb business in Nigeria and make decent earnings from it.

1. Getting An Apartment

This is the very first step and most important when considering starting this business. Getting an apartment can be done either by building or renting. If you have the money, building or buying an apartment is highly recommended. Renting an apartment can come with some restrictions. But if you have an understanding with your landlord, all may go pretty well.

2. Location

This is one factor that can hugely affect the success or failure of your business. Just as in other countries, Airbnb in Nigeria will thrive based on location. The location should be central and close to either the airport in the city or the heart of the city. The reasons for these are not far-fetched.

People travelling into the city by air may want to use that place as a lodge. Also, those who need to do some things in the city and stay for a while or those coming for vacation would prefer to stay in the heart of the city – this helps with navigation and proximity.

3. Setting Up The Apartment

Apart from buying, building, or renting an apartment, this process is going to take a large chunk of money out of your bank account. Remember, you want to ensure your visitors will have the best experience ever which could birth good reviews and more referrals. From ensuring the building is neat and well painted to furnishing, power generation, super-fast internet, security, cleaner, and other necessary services.

Think this process through. If you can, get a professional to help you set up so you don’t get overwhelmed by the process. But if you can handle it, by all means, do!

4. Register And List Your Property On Airbnb

After you have handled the above steps, the next is to register an account and list your apartment on Airbnb, do a few verifications and you are good to go. Once your listing is approved, you’ll begin to get impressions via the Airbnb search box.

Note this, when uploading images of your apartment, ensure you have the best quality images, and also make sure you display all the amenities you believe your potential visitors will love. This is not a place to be modest, Show it off! Your potential visitors will judge you by what they see on the website listing.

Lastly, maintenance culture has always been the bane of most visitors when they visit facilities. Ensure you maintain and keep it at an optimal level at all times. If you do these, you will be on top of your game and your business will thrive.

I believe you must have gotten a lot of information about the Airbnb business in Nigeria. Do well to share this post so others can benefit.

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  1. This is great! Had like to register my device apartment on Airbnb. How do I possibly go about it. What are the things it entails?

    • You can. The only thing is to ensure minimal or no noise and keep your family in check. You all should consciously live with the fact that you have guests. If that is no problem for you, then, it’s fine.

      However, I will always recommend you live where you run this business.

  2. Can I work with AIRBNB without having my personal buildings. I mean, arranging good apartments for tourists and travellers


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